Science Engagment Training

It is now more apparent than ever that the way that we communicate with the public is crucial, either through science communication or public engagement (PE). The issue is there are many forms of science communication and PE, each requiring a distinctive set of skills within a wide spectrum of often overlapping activities.

It is therefore impossible to be an expert in all of these fields of communication without some additional training and guidance, and within the science communication community, there is a variety of types and styles of training to suit most keen learners, and as part of the EUSEA Science Engagement Platform.

But how can we ensure that the training we recommend to the EUSEA community, is of the same standard that we would expect from those within the EUSEA network? What should a good training session offer? To learn more about how to decide what training to include in this list click here.

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Science Communication

Social Media

Training Type 3

Science Communication

Steam Summer School

Hands on science communication training

Offline and Online events availble

Language: English

Paid training

Description: STEAM Summer School is an innovative 10 day course in science communication, building on traditional methods by combining STEM with the Arts. The course has both an online component and a face-to-face programme run annually in Malta.