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European Science Engagement Platform!

The EUSEA Science Engagement Platform was established to serve public engagement professionals across Europe in their needs to find inspiration, resources, methods and tools for running participatory, dialogue-oriented engagement activities. The platform unites and showcases inspiring and innovative ways to engage different publics with science. A special focus of the resources provided on this platform lies on actively involving citizens and stakeholders in dialogue-oriented research and innovation processes.

Are you a newcomer in the fields of science communication and public engagement? If so, you will find a vauable introduction and overview of the strategies, goals and tools in this Policy Brief on Science Communication, published by the Science in Society network in February 2020.

One of the biggest challenges when planning a science engagement event is to find a format which is appropriate to your topic and your target audience.  To show the range of possibilities and some practical examples, this platform showcases a number of recommended formats of activities designed to encourage participatory science engagement. The platform also offers an overview of valuable toolkits and good reads related to science communication and public engagement.

Take a look at the purpose of the platform, recommended formats and valuable resources for science engagement practicioners: 


The European Science Engagement Platform was developed by two EU projects joining forces, plus a number of engaged EUSEA members who have contributed ideas, formats and energy in co-creative workshops. A special thanks goes to Wissenschaft im Dialog and Vetenskap & Allmänhet for offering support and content.

These two EU projects formed the basis for the new European Science Engagement Platform:

NUCLEUS – New Understanding of Communication, Learning and Engagement in Scientific Institutions. From 2014 to 2019 the project fostered engaged research and innovation processes  across Europe, in China and South Africa. www.nucleus-project.eu

SUSTAIN is an Erasmus+ project developing Citizen Science methodologies. The project will spark engagement and create new tools for teachers and students who study sustainable landscapes and bird migration. https://www.sustainablelandscapes.eu/