“The University should not only maintain in the nation both learning and skills at the level they have already attained in the scholarly world, but also further develop and propagate them as well as apply their theory for the public good.”

The University realizes its aim with the participation of the whole University community: its scholars, students and staff.
Since its establishment our University’s community has written numerous glorious pages in its history. It has produced many outstanding scholars and created famous scientific schools. It actively resisted armed force, organizing clandestine classes when the University was not allowed to function openly. Our students and graduates have served Poland and the world. These proud annals are our continuing obligation.
We must also remember what has been inglorious: submission to political pressure, religious and social discrimination, expulsion of scholars and students. Let this be a living historical lesson for us.
University of Warsaw belongs to the community of universities and accepts its universal aims, and its name is bound up with the capital of Poland. In response to the challenges arising from the transformation of our country, the new position of Poland in Europe and the world and the education of a knowledge-based society, University of Warsaw defines it mission as follows:

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