Senciência brings together the experience of a multifaceted team with a rich history of promoting science, culture, education and art, through a wide range of initiatives and formats. Its current main and innovative project is the organisation of the first ever International Science Festival to take place in Portugal, an event with national roots, but with an international reach, which is being developed in close articulation with a local municipality, and involves dozens of national and international partners, ranging from government departments and agencies to universities and research units and institutions, including embassies, companies and non-governmental organizations. The project is guaranteed to impact tens of thousands of students, as well as an equally high number of adult participants. In Portugal, Senciência occupies the niche of the integrated promotion of the science-culture-education triad, with a proven capacity for cross-sectoral involvement and community outreach.

Contact person: Fatima Dias
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Address: Palácio Baldaya, CoWork Baldaya, Estrada de Benfica 701, Lisboa