Scico Cyprus: is an NGO, based in Cyprus, with the expertise in communicating scientific issues to the public via innovative and entertaining means. SciCo is a pioneer in the growing field of Science Communication in Cyprus. It uses a large variety of means to communicate science such as interactive training and digital learning programmes, workshops, webinars, talks documentaries and theater. SciCo-Cyprus’ actions are addressed to several target groups, such as the public, company employees, students, teachers plus more. The members of SciCo-Cyprus are scientists, researchers, academics and teachers who are active (either as professionals or amateurs) in the field of Science Communication and have organised or participated in international and local activities such as congresses, presentations, theatrical performances, documentaries, festivals and other actions of science media and communication.
Scico Cyprus organises each year the Mediterranean Science Festival, please see here:

Contact person: Dr Myrtani Pieri
Web & Social Media:
Address: Makedonitissas 46, 1700 Nicosia