The project "INNOVATION GALLERY" - a platform for interactive and alternative entertainment, innovative solutions combined with science, technology and electronics.
It's the test platform for innovative solutions using the latest tools and technologies.
The mission of "" INNOVATION GALLERY "- to involve people in the process of cognition of the world, open up the space for the imagination with the help of entertaining elements, by playing.
The purpose of "INNOVATION GALLERY" - show a modern way, how best to motivate, encourage interest and create conditions for cooperation, to develop creativity and build self-consciousness, with the help of entertaining elements.
The concept of "INNOVATION GALLERY" - collaboration entertainment, innovation and technology. A colorful range of interactive entertainment, through which, customers can experience the progress today. We build bridges between technical solutions and ecology, between the water world and cosmic processes, between the present and the future, between reality and virtual reality.

Contact person: Irina Piontkovskaya
Email: ir.piontkovskaya@gmail.cim
Web & Social Media:
Address: Avenue of Stepan Bandera 23, Kiev region