LPRC, the La Palma Research Centre for Future Studies is an independent, internationally active geoscience think-tank headquartered on Isla de la Palma, Spain.
Built on decades of experience, the Centre’s social and scientific network extends to most European countries and has working contacts with professionals from around the globe. Although our work involves research and analysis across a broad spectrum of scientific areas, we have a strong focus on earth science, addressing both applied and basic research related to earth systems & resources, geology, raw materials & minerals.
The presentation and transmission of scientific work to the general public is one of the key missions of the company. As such, communication and dissemination of the research results achieved within our scientifc projects plays an important part of our job. In line with this mission, the centre has been coordinated several Researchers` Night events in the region of Macaronesia (http://nochedevolcanes.es/ and https://macaronight.eu/).

Contact person: Adrienn Cseko
Email: director@lapalmacentre.eu
Web & Social Media: www.lapalmacentre.eu
Address: 38760 Los Llanos de Aridane, Isla de La Palma