The University of Innsbruck is a modern educational and research establishment for the region of Tyrol, South Tyrol, Vorarlberg and the Principality of Liechtenstein. It’s a full-scale university with 28.000 students and 3.500 employees. The “Junge Uni Innsbruck” – Science, Technology and Humanities for children and young people ( is an initiative of the University of Innsbruck with the object to raise the interest and the motivation of children and young people between 6 and 18 years in science and technology, to develop and administrate science communication activities and to work together with other institutions in the field of science communication. A special point in our work is also to attract children and young people from the rural context to science. The activities of the JUI are visited by more than 10.000 visitors every year. More than 400 scientists, technicians and students of the university cooperate with the JUI.
The “Junge Uni Innsbruck” was started in 2001, the “Junge Uni” was one of the first children´s universities in the German speaking countries and the first children university in Austria and works together with more than 40 local, regional and international partners. We offer programs for quite young children of elementary schools and secondary schools, because we think, that these children are very capable of enthusiasm for science, and we want to plant an early seed for the understanding of science. Children are very curious, the same are scientists, and we connect scientists with children, so that they get early an easy insight. We also focus in stimulating children for science who have less contact to university education because of their social background and we also offer courses for highly talented children.

Contact person: Dr. Silvia Prock
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Address: Innrain 52c , 6020 Innsbruck