Heureka - The joy of discovery and fun experiences for all ages!

The Finnish Science Centre Heureka intro- duces the public to science and technology in an engaging and interactive way. Visitors can experience the joy of discovery through spectacular exhibitions, planetarium films and events. Located in the Tikkurila area of Vantaa, Heureka first opened its doors to the public in 1989. Heureka is one of Finland’s most popular recreational centres, attracting an average of nearly 300,000 visitors each year.


We share the enthusiasm for learning.
We offer an environment for inspiration.
Our foundation is research and science.
We create world-class exhibitions and experiences for our visitors.

Contact person: Dr. Paula Havaste
Email: paula.havaste@heureka.fi
Web & Social Media: www.heureka.fi/en
Address: Kuninkaalantie 7, 01300 Vantaa