The Association ScienzaSocietàScienza has been created to put together human and financial resources with the objective of organizing a wide range of events focused on science and its relationship with society” It represents the natural evolution of the Committee ScienzasocietàScienza, which has been actively operating in Cagliari up to very recent times. In continuity with the Committee’s purposes, the Association aims at putting the general public into contact with the world of science; at re-establishing the connection between humanistic and scientific culture; at raising a deeper awareness of the transformations and changes science brings about and on how deeply it influences our daily lives. A long-term purpose of the Association is the creation of an International Centre for Science in Sardinia.
The association organizes an annual FestivalScienza in several cities of Sardinia, Cagliari, Iglesias, Oliena, Oristano and Isili, to explore science in an easy but exciting way. A month of appointments with physics, chemistry, natural sciences, mathematics presented from different perspectives and through captivating activities for children and adults, schools, families, researchers and just curious people.
Thousands of visitors participate every year to this event -23.000 people for the 2017 edition!. Over 300 students from schools and universities guide the public to the various events or illustrate the activities together with a great number of enthusiasts of all ages who just want to share their passion for science.

Contact person: Dr. Laura Bifulco
Web & Social Media:
Address: via Alghero 35, 09127 Cagliari