Since 2014 Associazione Culturale NEXT organizes events and produce innovative formats to comunicate science to different audiences.
Fosforo: la festa della scienza is the main event we attend every may in Senigallia (Marche)

In 2015 we enter in the Sharper consortium in order to help Università Politecnica delle Marche to start the European Researches’ Night in Ancona.

We have developed two exhibitions “Giant Puzzles” in 2014 and “Tech-it-Easy” in 2016.
Since we had born Next has collaborated with several universities, research centres, institutions, festivals and science networks.

We believe in sharing our passion, the most effective way to get to knowledge.
We believe in doing things as a synonym for learning.
We believe a kid educated today he will become a better citizen tomorrow.

Contact person: Mattia Crivellini
Web & Social Media:
Address: via Venezia 33a 60019 Senigallia