#EUSEA20 will take place at the Cork School of Music,  in Ireland.

Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and its science and discovery centre Blackrock Castle Observatory (BCO) are the host institutions for EUSEA 2020.  CIT won the competitive bid to run the International Space University’s Space Studies Programme (SSP17) in Cork through the summer of 2017. The 2017 Space Studies Programme of the International Space University (SSP17) was the largest space event to ever come to Ireland or the UK; SSP17 was also the longest international conference ever to come to Cork, attracting 370 delegates and visiting experts from 26 countries.

Cork has been ranked as one of Europe’s top eight ‘ideal cultural and creative cities’ by the European Commission and one of the top ‘Must See Cities in the World’ by Lonely Planet. This is a result of the vibrant civic and creative sector that exists here and the valuable contributions both practitioners and cultural institutions provide our city. Our conference will take place at the CIT Cork School of Music  and our Gala Dinner will take place at CIT’s Blackrock Castle Observatory.

CIT Cork School of Music

CIT Cork School of Music, Ireland is the venue for EUSEA2020. Founded in 1878, CIT’s conservatoire the Cork School of Music (CSM) is housed in an award winning, state-of-the-art building, located river-side in the heart of the city. CIT Cork School of Music provides large modern theatres and lecture rooms, excellent IT infrastructure and well-equipped workshop and break out spaces for parallel sessions or workshops. Cork Institute of Technology makes a significant contribution to the cultural life of the region through the educational and cultural activities of the CIT Cork School of Music and the CIT Crawford College of Art and Design and is also host to the National Maritime College of Ireland. CIT is one of only two universities in Ireland to operate a fulltime science centre; this at Blackrock Castle Observatory.

Address: CIT Cork School of Music: Union Quay,Cork, Ireland   T12 E9HY

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