Send us your proposals for the European Science Engagement Conference in Cork, Ireland, 16-17 April 2020!

EUSEA conferences are known to be interactive gatherings filled with discussions, debates, talks, sessions and workshops. In order to create an attractive program for our members and external guests, we need your ideas and your contributions! Send us your proposals for 8 minute Horizon Talks, 45- or 90- minute sessions. Be creative in the session formats you suggest – we are looking forward to a variety of different activities, showing the wide range of opportunities to inspire and engage your audience.

This year’s topic is relate to the Cork School of Music: Conducting Public Engagement in Times of Dissonances

It would be perfect if your contributions could take up this topic in multiple ways. Let yourself be inspired by questions relating Public Engagement to the world of music, e.g.:

  • How can we make the “sounds of science” be heard in a cacophony of different noises?
  • Should we strive for harmony? Or seek and enjoy dissonances as those musical elements who make a composition interesting?
  • How do we compose good science communication? Are we striking the right chords?
  • What does it mean to be a good conductor working with an increasing variety of players?

Send us your ideas related to this topic, the call for proposals is open until November 8!

Send us your proposals via this form: Submission Form Proposals for EUSEA2020

Registration will open in early February 2020.

Fees’ information:

  • EUSEA Conference Fee for Non-Members: 400€
  • EUSEA Conference Fee for Members: 300€
  • Students: 150€

In order to keep our fees low for all participants, all contributors and speakers will need to pay their fees. Thank you for your understanding!

See you all soon at #EUSEA2020 in Cork!

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