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A quiz is always a fun way to get together and compete alone or in teams, sometimes just for “glory”, another time for a nice (sponsored) prize such as free entry into a museum or similar.

It is not only about showing off mere knowledge – logical riddles or pop-cultural questions can enrich a moderated quiz.

The length of a quiz may also vary – from 20 minutes until a full evening event, everything is possible. Science is always a good topic to talk, wonder and also laugh about!

The format can be easily integrated into cultural events or organized regularly in pubs.



Start discussions on interesting or weird aspects of science

Foster new relationships in teams

Target groups


  • Adults

Preparation (main steps)


  • Find a venue (pub) or occasion (cultural festivals etc.)
  • Prepare a quiz with different question types (multiple choice, estimation questions, picture puzzles, songs, etc.)
  • Find prizes
  • Find a moderator
  • Promote your event


Examples or inspirations (videos, links)

Name of the Institution or person suggesting/Offering the activity

Foundation Science et Cité, Switzerland